Engineered composite LVL and light steel floor joists


COMMERCIAL LOADING – Bowens Head Office, Hallam

Client C M W Design & Construct
Architect Warren JowersW.H. Jowers & Associates13 Pamay RdMt Waverley VIC 3149
Engineer Burns Hamilton & Partners549 Burke StCamberwell VIC 3124
Project Location 48–50 Hallam South RoadHallam

“We use concrete all of the time and therefore wanted a strong rigid floor with a concrete feel, a system that was easy to work with and has great acoustic properties. The fact that the services can be integrated through the system is just another benefit to add to the list.
We found that the TECSLAB™ system was easier to walk on underfoot, allowing us to utilize the on site trades and enabling a quicker build.”

Brian HaydonSite
Construction Manager, C M W Design & Construct

C M W Design & Construct has been the first to implement the TECSLAB™ system in a commercial application. The new 1078 square metre extention to the Bowen’s Head Office in Hallam showcases the TECSLAB™ product that is creating a lot of buzz in the building industry.
The TECSLAB™ lightweight flooring system was specified for this project as it offers a lightweight and superior strength alternative to conventional pre-fab systems currently on the market and feels like a solid concrete slab underfoot. The 300mm high TECBEAMs span 6 metres and support 75mm TECSLAB™ Hebel panels laid directly on top.

The main challenge for this build was to have a quicker working platform as traditional concrete wet pour systems require 10 days for curing resulting in no work carried out during this period. The TECSLAB™ system has enabled construction to continue as once the system was laid trades were able to work both beneath the floor and on it as no time is needed for curing.

Upon review, TECSLAB™ has proven to be invaluable not only for this project but also for the client as it has paved the way for a more efficient construction methodology in the industrial sector. CMW Design and Construction uses concrete all the time so the shift to the TECSLAB™ System has proven that there doesn’t need to be any lag time on site, it still feels like a solid concrete floor and actually is easier to walk on underfoot, provides a practical solution for the concealment of services and performs well acoustically.