Engineered composite LVL and light steel floor joists


LONG-SPAN OPENINGS – Cecil St Multi-Townhouses, Sth. Melbourne

Client Linara Property Developers
Product(s) used Tecbeam Joists (in conjunction with PosiStrut)
Architect CBG Architects
Engineer Intrax

Project Statement

Tecbeam was used on this 32-townhouse development in South Melbourne, as lintels to span the long-span openings and to support cantilevered elements. The designers specified TECBEAM in conjunction with other engineered timber beams used for short spans areas.

The structural aim in the project was to use TECBEAM in appropriate areas and situations where high spans and rigidity were required and to carry cantilevered areas.

The project exemplifies a common strategy where Tecbeam joists are selectively used for their unique capabilities, in conjunction with other beam types to achieve structural efficiency and cost savings.