The TECSLAB™ system provides a superior long-spanning and high load capacity floor with the feel of a concrete slab. It offers a lightweight construction alternative in most low to medium rise structures, including transition floors above car parks. Market Applications include multi-residential apartment buildings Class 1, 2, 3 and 9c up to 4 storeys.


▼ 1. Concrete Floor Feel

TECSLAB™ combines the properties of two exceptional construction products TECBEAM™ floor joists and Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) panels to provide a concrete floor feel on a lightweight long-span frame.

▼ 2. Reduction of Sound Transmission

The TECSLAB™ system achieves significant reduction in sound transmission between floors from airborne noise and footfall.

▼ 3. Stiffness

The TECSLAB™ system is engineered for stiffness in the design for user comfort and to virtually eliminate floor ‘bounce’.

▼ 4. Low long term deflection

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The TECSLAB™ system has an extremely low long-term deflection factor. This minimises floor movement and creep and means less maintenance issues postconstruction, compared with concrete or all timber.


▼ 5. High Load Capacity

The TECBEAM system readily carries point loads and achieves high load capacity (up to 10 kPa).

▼ 6. Long Spans

The TECSLAB™ system allows engineers to achieve long spans of up to 7 metres.

▼ 7. Cantilevered Balconies

The versatility of the TECSLAB™ system simplifies the design and construction of cantilevered balconies and rooms.

▼ 8. Set downs

The TECSLAB™ system is designed to easily build wet area set downs and balconies.

▼ 9. Flat floor surface

When installed the TECSLAB™ system is immediately ready for flooring providing an ideal flat surface for timber, tiles or carpet finishes.