The TECBUILD cassette system is a fast, safe method of construction with significant time savings in construction programming and structural frame costs. The cassettes are lightweight prefabricated floor panels, topped with factory pre-installed flooring. With similar spanning capabilities of reinforced concrete, but with the advantage of significantly lighter construction weight, the cassettes can be installed using mobile cranes, resulting in substantial savings in both the erection process and skilled labour costs.

The floor cassette panels are precision designed and fabricated in accordance with engineering specifications. Wet areas and balcony set-downs can be incorporated into the cassette panel, saving further on site labour and fabrication time.

The Tilling Timber detailed design and drafting service will ensure that every component of the cassette system is incorporated into the overall design of the project. Coordination with supporting structural, architectural and services design is carried out prior to the fabrication of the cassettes. This level of detail facilitates a seamless installation process on site. Engineering design and certification can be provided.