CantileversSolved with Tecbeam 

Extra Long Spans – Solved with Tecbeam

Setback Point LoadsSolved with Tecbeam

High-Density, Multi-Residential; Child Care; School Classrooms; Suburban Offices. 

The premium engineered composite floor frame system

Australian Timber Awards – Judges’ Innovation Winner

Winner of the Judges’ Innovation award in the 2014 Australian Timber awards, the Tecbeam project The Australand (now Frasers) Property Group ‘The Green’ was awarded the tallest lightweight timber frame building in Australia. The Green adopted a construction methodology that achieved a highly efficient and cost-effective 5-storey structure while utilising traditional timber industry framing techniques.
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Composite LVL and light steel joist

Tecbeam Joist

TECBEAM joists are premium Australian-engineered floor joists. Comprising a composite of LVL and light steel, these joists have unmatched structural and dynamic performance. Offering exceptional stiffness, span and load capabilities, TECBEAM floor can often replace the need for steel beams. Easy to use, Tecbeams can cantilever and carry point loads. Ceiling and floor materials can be directly fixed to Tecbeam’s timber flanges.

Tecbeam floor and cantilevered balcony structure

Cantilevered Balcony

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TECSLAB is an affordable, premium lightweight floor system with the qualities and ‘feel’ of a concrete floor. The TECSLAB composite floor system is applicable to Class 1, 2, 3 and 9c developments of up to five storeys. TECSLAB combines the structural properties of TECBEAM with Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) Floor Panels to offer a viable, cost-saving alternative to concrete floor frames. A TECSLAB floor offers the stiffness of a concrete frame, with cost savings of up to 20% and no need for wet trades.

Tecbeams and joist hangers.

Typical Connection.

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TECBEAM CASSETTES are a modular, easy-install prefabricated panel solution that combines the structural properties of TECBEAM with fire-rated floor and ceiling products to offer a cost-saving, no wet-trade alternative to concrete floor frames. Bespoke-designed and factory-built floor cassette panels are delivered to your site ready to lift into place. These cassette floors are an alternative structural solution for larger-scale multi-residential projects.

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