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▼ Span Tables

NEW Profile: T257 / T259 / T309 / T357
Limit State Capacities
download pdf
NEW Profile: T257 / T259 / T309 / T357
FLOOR JOIST SPAN TABLES – 3.0, 4.0, 5.0 kPa
Limit State Capacities
download pdf
NEW Profile: T257 / T259 / T309 / T357
Limit State Capacities
download pdf

▼ Standard Details

Please find below the TECBEAM® Menu and Block Library details, in AutoCAD or pdf format.

A Menu and Block Library details for AutoCAD
download for AutoCAD
B Menu and Block Library details
download pdf

AutoCAD installation details:

TECBEAM Pty Ltd proudly offer these AutoCAD library details of the TECBEAM® floor joist system to enable the efficient preparation of project drawings

1. click on the “download for AutoCAD” patch above to save to your hard disk.
2. Install the TECBEAM® detail library by double clicking on the saved file.
3. Run AutoCAD in the usual manner.
4. From the AutoCAD Tools pull down menu click Options
5. Click Add and type C:\TECBEAM (or browse to the installed TECBEAM folder)
6. Click Apply and OK
7. At the AutoCAD Command line type MENULOAD
8. Click on the Menu Groups tab (pre-AutoCAD 2006), click Browse and search for the file “C:\TECBEAM\TECBEAM.MNU” (or Browse to the installed TECBEAM folder). Click Open or Double Click on this file
9. This will then bring you back to the MENLOAD command dialogue box. Click Load and Close
10. The TECBEAM® Toolbar will now appear
11. Dock this toolbar in the preferred location on your screen
12. Re-start AutoCAD

We welcome your feedback and suggestions for improvement and any new details you may like to share with the wider building community

The fixing details provided generally do not include load capacities, please check with an engineer or the component manufacturer for fastener requirements. Further information is also available in the installation guidelines.

▼ Design Software


TECBEAM is now incorporated in Design Software

Click here to download the demo version of HRQuickdesign

Tecbeam Design Software

Tecbeam Australasia is pleased to announce that Australia’s premier independent structural timber design software now includes TECBEAM Joists.

HR QuickDesign is an Australian owned and developed engineering design program produced by HR Design Group Pty Ltd. The result of 10 years development, the software is AS1684.1 compliant but also utilises full engineering principles in accordance with the loading and timber codes.

“The incorporation process has taken time as the many unique design features of TECBEAM needed to be written into the program.” Said Stephen Hunt the software developer of HR QuickDesign.

HR QuickDesign is an advanced design tool that includes a load path system which gives the designer new control over accuracy in member design and specification. It offers a range of design settings and applications and produces full reports on the members designed.

HR QuickDesign incorporates a wide variety of structural building products and is simple to use, which makes it the ideal design tool for quick, effective design solutions. The following link will take you to the download page. A free 30 day trial is available and the full program is very reasonably priced to encourage broad access to this superb design tool:

Click here to download the demo version of HRQuickdesign