Engineered composite LVL and light steel floor joists


VERTICAL ADDITION – Holiday Inn Darling Harbour, Sydney


Architect Tropman & Tropman Architects

Engineers: BG & E Consulting Engineers

Project Contractor : Built Construction

Sub-contractor/Builder: MRTFC, Sydney (Installation of TECBEAM joists)

The  refurbishment of the Holiday Inn Hotel in Darling Harbour completed in Dec 2007 included the addition of three story light weight steel & timber structure to create 42 new hotel rooms.

The TECBEAM Floor Joist system, 250mm deep  at 600 centres have  been used  for floor framing on Levels 10 & 11 to support floor loads and extra weight from a number of  air conditioning units weighing maximum of 40 kilograms.   Tecbeam joists  were also designed to suit  trimmers around   floor penetrations for electrical, plumbing,  mechanical and all other general service risers.