“A key strength at Tecbuild is our capacity to offer development, engineering and detail documentation assistance to customers.

Timber framed structures, particularly multi-storey residential, are experiencing a renaissance as they been demonstrated to offer significant cost and time savings over concrete. Taking advantage of these benefits however requires a coordinated project approach. We can assist developers and builders to get the best outcomes.”

With a 35 year professional history in development, design and construction, it was on one of his own residential apartment developments that Jack first discovered Tecbeam. Having found savings across the apartment structure, as well as significant design efficiencies in the transfer slab over the car park and in the footings, the project went ahead to successful completion.

Jack was so impressed with the result that when the opportunity arose in 2007, he bought into the company. Since then Jack has restructured the business, created new international patents and put in place the licensing agreement with Tilling Timber.

You can visit Jack’s development website at Haber Associates.